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Assessing Your Classroom Behavior Management Plan
posted by: Alix | June 20, 2012, 02:41 pm   

Let’s face it: your classroom behavior management plan is not as successful as you dreamed it would be.  You meticulously slaved over developing and implementing a foolproof behavior management plan, yet your students somehow found the loophole.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit it, but 25 fourth graders proved that you are the only fool in this “foolproof” behavior management plan.
Be the Change You Want to See: Teacher Modeling
posted by: Alix | June 15, 2012, 03:33 pm   

As teachers, we can whine until the cows come home about “kids these days” and their general bad behavior.  It’s so easy to shake our fists and exclaim, “Why aren’t parents teaching their kids to behave?”  Teachers will go bonkers if they devote more energy to being frustrated about student behavior rather than being optimistic and pro-active about helping students to be better people.
Summertime for Teachers
posted by: Alix | June 13, 2012, 05:00 pm   

Any teacher will tell you that a surefire way of stirring up trouble with an educator involves remarking, “Must be nice to not work during the summer.” While summertime might mean that “the livin’ is easy” for some, most teachers find the summertime just as busy as the school year. Students might not be in the classroom, but teachers are often busy with professional development, conferences, trainings and other activities to improve their skills in preparation for the upcoming school year.

“Withitness”: Being Aware of What’s Going on in the Classroom
posted by: Alix | June 13, 2012, 09:28 am   

In the battle of classroom management versus teacher sanity, it is imperative that every teacher makes use of his/her inherent sense of awareness. While these self-examining “superpowers” aren’t exactly the powers of the Incredible Hulk or Spiderman, they are powerful enough to manage the classroom on the most hectic of days. This suite of abilities is what educators refer to as “withitness.”

Battling Germs and Staying Healthy
posted by: Alix | June 08, 2012, 09:21 am   

According to a recent survey comparing the overall health and well-being of eleven different professions, teachers were ranked the highest in terms of overall quality of life.  The distinguishing factor that helped to give teachers the happiness edge appears to be rooted in perspective – teachers regard their job as a “calling” and not just a gig that pays the bills.

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